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Rose Hip Clay Mask

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Black heads? Breakouts? Oily skin? This clay mask will fix all that up while helping your skin regain its shine and glow – it’s a must try! 

This hydrating and skin nourishing Rose hip clay mask is designed to help pull sebum, dirt and bacteria from the skins pores. Resulting in a more clearer and rejuvenated complexion.

Ingredients: Organic rose hip, ginger, lemongrass, Australian white Kaolin clay, hibiscus.

Rosehip – Repair & Healing – Helps promote healing, reduce pigmentation and has antiaging properties.

Hibiscus – Natural Exfoliate & Purifier – Helps support the body’s natural collagen as well as helps heal the skin and prevent elastin breakdown.

Australian Kaolin Clay – Detoxifying & Cleansing – Helps pull dirt from the pores as well as dead skin cells to give you the glow your skin needs.

How to use me:
Add one tbsp of rose hip clay in a bowl with a few drop of water. Then mix and apply. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes – for best results use twice a week.

"I can put on my foundation now without it irritating my acne. I love this product and I would highly recommend it if you suffer from breakouts like me." – Ruth A., Rose Hip Clay Mask customer