How are flowers preserved?

How are flowers preserved?

Unlike the short lifespan of fresh flowers, preserved flowers can last upwards of 6 months to over 3 years in some cases. But HOW?!.....

Preserving flowers uses a specific scientific process whereby a special gel (glycerine solution) mixture is used to replace their sap whilst the flowers are still alive and blooming.

This process allows preserved flowers to retain their natural appearance, hold their shape and texture. Preserved flowers are softer to touch, more vibrant and more flexible in comparison to dried flowers. Preserved flowers can be sensitive to heat, humidity and direct prolonged sunlight, however with minimal care, preserved flowers have a significantly prolonged shelf life.

Each floral purchase is accompanied by a 'floral care card' which outlines our main top tips to significantly increase the longevity of your preserved flowers. 

You may also notice that some flowers appear quite vibrant with artificial colours. The gel like solution of preserved flowers allows natural dyes to be used to colour and create beautiful yet distinct floral colours and patterns. We are honest when we say 'custom colour' because the world of preserved flowers quite literally has no bounds in terms of what we are able to source and find. If you have a shade or tone that you have been hunting for let us know!

It's truely exciting. 

As many of you know as well, being a hayfever sufferer myself the percs of preserved flowers is truely unreal. I mean I have hundreds if not thousands of flowers in my house at any one point in time and have no additional flare ups or medication requirements for my hayfever since starting Field and Fleur. 

I never was a big flower person as it was unrealistic to love something that made me cry and have scratchy eyes for days on end. Now... no worries. My house is full of vibrant goodness and I love it. 

You get the idea!

Shoot us a message if you have any further questions or require any further detail!


Gem (Florist) x

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