How to Care for your Dried Flowers

How to Care for your Dried Flowers

Welcome to our blog about caring for your dried and preserved flowers. This is me, head florist Gemma. I am the owner and creator of Field and Fleur flowers and am the one that you speak to whenever you get in contact with our team. 

Dried flowers: refer to flowers that have been cut and dried using a lengthy process of ensuring the flowers maintain their shape as best as possible. These flowers often lose their colour and turn brown as they dry.  Many flowers perish in this process, it is commonly leaves like dried eucalyptus that we use this process for. 

Preserved flowers: refer to flowers that are cut and preserved using a resin like process that is drawn up the stem as the flower begins the drying process so that the shape and texture of the flowers can be preserved. 

Now you know about them... how do you care for them?

In order to KEEP THE COLOUR: keep the flowers out of direct sunlight. 

To REMOVE DUST: you can dust lightly with a feather duster or gently blow the air off the flowers. (You could also buy a dried floral dome which makes this a whole lot easier.)

To PREVENT DAMAGE: keep your flowers away from pets, young children, and high winds to give them the best chance at maintaining their shape and longevity. 

To PREVENT DROOPING: keep your flowers out of the rain, damp environments, and away from wet/drying washing. The flowers attract moisture and will droop if there is dampness in the air.

If you have any other questions about how to care for your flowers please reach out and get in contact with me!

- Have an awesome day! Gem, Field and Fleur Florist

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