Considering Preserved Flowers for your Wedding Day?

Considering Preserved Flowers for your Wedding Day?

Boutique Wedding Guide Inclusions
We have curated a concise and all inclusive boutique wedding guide for Field and Fleur that is consistently updated with relevant and trending information and suggestions.

This guide outlines considerations for key moments on your special day from the bridal party, to the ceremony, to wristlets, ring bearers, cakes, reception decor and more.

We provide an extensive colour swatch as well as regular photo and video check-ins displaying the floral design that will be used on your wedding day. This is absolutely a perk of supporting small floral businesses such as ourselves. We limit our bookings to an absolute maximum of two weddings per month allowing us to deliver the best quality flowers within your inspired design.

Preserved Flowers at Your Wedding
So why preserved... the perfectionist amongst us loves to see the flowers before the wedding day and this is a HUGE bonus for our brides and grooms as the flowers can be sorted prior to the day itself. This takes away a major stress on the day, allows you to collect your flowers up to a month in advance and means less foot traffic on the day of the event. 

Plus an awesome bonus is you can keep all the flowers (or give them to loved ones) after the event. These create stunning keepsakes, especially if you order a mountable arrangement which can then be placed on display in your home. I mean seriously... just WOW.

From Us
From us (well just me, Gemma but it sounds better as an us) to you; it is an absolute blessing to take part in such a special occasion. It is with great responsibility and trust that I promise to provide the upmost respect and efforts towards encapsulating and creating your floral vision.

If you are looking at having a preserved floral wedding please head to our 'Boutique Wedding Guide + Free Quote' item and add it to your basket along with your email upon checkout. From here you will receive the PDF and we will be in-contact with your free quote.

Any questions please do not hesitate to visit our online chat button or email us at

As always thank you for supporting small! 🌸

- Gem (Florist, Field and Fleur)

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