Meet Me

Meet Me

It's me, Gemma!

I am the owner of Field and Fleur, as well as the gal behind all your floral designs and gift boxes. 

My Inspiration:

Growing up with my legally blind mother I have always been very visually attentive. I would often describe things in great detail to help my mother to understand what the world around her looks like. In this way I also developed a creative eye for colour and design. In the past I have tried my hand at watercolours, crocheting and drawing but nothing has taken to me quite like floral arrangements. I truely believe it is the people I meet and the sentiment behind each interaction and story that makes being a florist so rewarding. From weddings, to remembrance vases, to people wanting to have something beautiful in their homes, it is incredible the uplifting presence of flowers. I also love that preserved flowers don't trigger my highly sensitive hay-fever AND don't die (unlike some of my indoor plants). Flowers that are long-lasting, cost-efficient, environmentally friendly (not plastic), vibrant, hand-made, and visually stunning... that's my kind of flower.

A Typical Day For Me:

During the week I work as a full time physiotherapist across Sydney. Outside of hours you will find me making your orders and messing around ordering new stock, stalking other cool small businesses to buy from, or making more entrepreneurial friends.

It's also very important for me to note that your support has kept me sane throughout Sydneys COVID lockdown. Having flowers as a creative outlet allowed me to stay driven and focused for all my physio patients in what was a very difficult time without my usual outlets.

My other favourite adventures include: visiting my friends in Canberra (went to university in the ACT), going to the gym, drinking cocktails, playing musical bingo (it is exactly what it sounds like), going to the flower markets, op-shopping, going to markets, going to the beach and road tripping to spend time with my loved ones.

My Field & Fleur Dream:

Short term: to have a designated floral room in my home to work out of. 

Medium term: to have, or share, a floral studio/shop front.

Long term: to travel overseas and meet up with some of the gorgeous florists I have had the privilege of chatting to online for further mentoring and just to see the beauty of their designs in person. 


- Sincerely, Gem, Field & Fleur Florist


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